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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 29, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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counting. trying to get over .500. came in at 12-12. three outs away. valbuena and soriano here in the ninth. cubs have had one base runner get past second. reached third. that's the only time he's had a conversation with one of his players out there on the field. len: a call strike three. valbuena looks befuddled. nine strikeouts for cahill. bob: a lot of late movement but it appeared to be up out of the strike zone high. montero pulled it down a good 10 inches to a foot. gets a call. len: that's a season high ninth strikeout. one off his career
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high set back in 2010. len: back with you tomorrow at 3:00 central. diamondbacks, wgn. you hear the crowd cheering. bob just stood up to adjust his belt. bob: gets that kind of reaction. len: yeah.
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bob: well-trained fans. noise now. len: couldn't get him to bite. len: sounds like me fishing all summer. couldn't get them to bite. len: season high in pitches. 117, cahill.
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bob: no reason to throttle back. last start of the season unless he's dealing with some kind of physical issue. it still appears to be crisp good downward movement on the changeup. the sinker has been good all night long. len: probably will set a new career high in pitches thrown tonight. a walk after starting 0-2. bob: after the walk to rizzo, let's take a look at our budweiser play of the game. cahill has been the man tonight. we mentioned the nine strikeouts, gave up one line drive out, four fly ball outs. everything else has been pounded on the ground. mixed in just enough breaking pitchers to the right handers. chased some pitchers out of the zone. he's been on top of his game tonight. budweiser the official beer of the first inning.
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great times are on-deck grab some buds. len: that's number 120. that's a new career high. this is his 128th career start. len: 0-1, swung on and missed. soriano has had a tough time with the breaking ball tonight. struck out in his first two at-bats. breaking pitches. bob: just the combination of pitches that cahill has out of the low 3/4 arm slot. his sinker has a lot of dive bombing movement down and in to a right-hander but right out of the same slot he throws that slider that sweeps exactly in the opposite direction. if you can't quickly pick up the rotation on that pitch, it will be a tough night. that was a hanger deep to center and it will be gone! just over the
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yellow line! len: left it up and soriano hit his 32nd of the year and the cubs are on the board. career number 372. bob: loud and long. absolutely crushed. got just as good a look at that. this one just above the 413 mark just left of straightaway center and well gone. len: the pitching coach just made a visit.
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len: strike and starlin castro. mike zagurski. bouncer to first. to the bag. two down. brian lahair will pinch-hit.
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len: i know we probably make too big a deal out of pitch counts. 125 is not the end of the world, but you know gibson is hanging on every pitch at this point because his starter, through a full season is one out away from 200 innings. it's his final start of the year. off the end of the bat and it will be caught and that will end the game as trevor cahill with his third career complete game. will finish with 200 innings and the diamondbacks beat the cubs again. final tonight 8-2. >> coming up on wgn news an innocent victim to deadly gunfire is laid to rest. we'll take you to the funeral
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services. remembering the victims of violence was the theme for an emotional ceremony in chicago and the americans keep the pressure on at the ryder cup. we'll have all the details from medina. the news is next. pepsi max? really? bet you're wondering how they got all that pepsi taste into a zero-calorie cola. ya. [ beep ] [ bell ringing ] sir! you have won pepsi max, for life! oh! ♪ ♪ i'm back and you're my first guest! [ laughs ] it's reeg. you're gonna be famous kid! ♪ ♪
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diet. live healthy. with savory new baked entrees from healthy choice. len: we're back here tomorrow on wgn. cubs and diamondbacks at 3:00 central time. once again our final score tonight, the diamondbacks 8, the cubs 2. chicago cubs baseball in high-definition has been brought to you by -- xfintyinity. from all of us goodbye and we'll see you tonight. wgn news is next. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy.
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athleticism. here's his buddy marko, who's got the hot water for his velveeta shells & cheese. achieve your dreams. liquid gold! eat like that guy you know. >> he carried about everyone. >> a final goodbye for the teenager who was shot and killed last saturday after leaving his first high school party. >> friends and family shed tears for a boy who had
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so much ahead of him. >> sean lewis has our top story. >> the line stretched around the corner at first church of got in evanston saturday morning, hundreds packing into the funeral for coleman. he was cut down by gunfire one week ago along church street. that area now marked by a memorial. >> why has his life touched so many of us? because it was a beautiful life. >> i would like to say to the family it's not easy to raise a beautiful child and you did. >> he's now charged with first-degree murder. he mistook coleman for someone else and fired. >> i hope by this incident that this community wakes up now. because all of these young kids they are just getting killed for no reason. he still has a life.
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>> as friends and family honor him, many more did so from outside the church unable to get in themselves. >> he's our little champion, no matter what. we're not going to forget about him. he's here with us no matter what. >> he dreamed of being a star athlete. his hero james lebron, showed his support to the family on twitter as did others like the celtics paul pierce and tyson chandler from the knicks. >> you know what? this is a movement. this is a movement. what kind of movement? a movement that was represented by a young man of character. >> it's a show of support for a young man whose family played a big role in his life and whose love extended well beyond their own home. >> let's remember this community is a great community and while we're mourning today and celebrating a beautiful life we will do better and we thank him for his life and for his leadership that
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will create a better community for all of us. so thank you bless you, and our thoughts are with you. >> in evanston sean lewis. >> the northwestern wildcats had a moment of silence during today's football game in honor of him. >> a 14-year-old boy has been charged as an adult with the shooting of another teenage earlier this week. he was killed on the south side. he was with several friends in the 4800 block when someone opened fire. he was struck several times including in the head. . >> he had no known ties to gangs.
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>> police caught up with three men within five hours and they continued to search for the fourth. >> a shotgun wielding suspect wanted in connection with the kidnapping of a suburban man has surrendered at the cook county courthouse in maywood. 20-year-old taylor turned himself in at 9:30 last night. official charges are pending. reportedly, taylor ran away when the victim crashed his car during a getaway attempt. >> chicago has seen 400 homicides this year, the highest murder rate in nearly a decade. fans touched by violent deaths gathered today to console one
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another. here's a story of remembrance. >> today was the 23rd annual victim memorial service. the goal is to bring the victims and families together for healing. >> more than 100 posters were on display. this lady greeted many as she prepared a ceremony to honor those who have been killed and those who struggle to move with their lives during various stages of grief. >> it may have been 10 years ago, six months ago but on a day like today the memories are like yesterday. >> the cook county state attorney's office began the memorial 23 years ago as a way for families and friends of murdered victims to come together. many of those who have attended are also survivors. participants lit candles to remember the lives who have been taken. >> when i see their pictures i immediately begin to think of their
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families. and how difficult it was for them when we were trying to case how difficult it was for them to go through the process. al alvarez wants to remind staff they are working hard around the clock to brings those responsible to justice. >> we understand each and every life has a value beyond all measure and that the pain of just one violent death is too much to bear. >> the annual event is organized by the state's attorney victim witness assistance unit. this is one of the largest victim advocacy programs in the country. they provide families with referral services and on-site support groups. >> thanks so much. today marks the 30th anniversary of one of the chicago area's most enduring mysteries, tylenol murders. seven people died in cook and de page counties after being poisoned by taking extra strength tylenol which had been laced with cyanide.
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james lewis went to prison for extorting money from tylenol maker johnson and johnson. he was never charged with the murders, but remains one of the prime suspects. prosecutors still pursuing the case are considering convening a grand jury to force witnesses to testify. a suburban police officer was rushed to the hospital after an overnight crash. >> up next the details on the incident that left the officer with a skull fracture. >> ron has some surprising news for chicago taxpayers. >> and the vice president was on the campaign trail while president obama took the weekend off to prepare for this week's big debate. great weather today. >> it was absolutely fantastic but can we repeat it tomorrow? well, not exactly. i'll have details and the forecast still ahead.
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>> tonight a young man is accused of running over a police officer after a wild party in west suburban montgomery. 18-year-old kendell collier has been charged with felony, aggravated driving under the influence. it started with shots fired at a teen party at the 700 block of oakton. sergeant adam cuss n -- kunci arrived -- >> he flipped twice in the air and landed on his head. >> he has a skull fracture and he's received stitches to his head. he's doing well. >> the sergeant's condition has
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stabilized. meanwhile police are still searching for whomever fired the shots that sparked the chaos in the first place. they recovered a .45 caliber handgun from a dodge pickup which was at the scene. >> an appetizing proposal for residents from mayor ron emanuel as he attended chicago gourmet 2012. the mayor said he'll not increase taxes, fines or fees in chicago's 2013 budget. >> no new property tax increases, no new sales tax increases. no new fuel tax increases. there will be a tax cut. we'll eliminate the job killing employment head tax. we'll balance our budget without any further burden on our taxpayers and what we will do is go after the politics of the past that have built in too many costs for our taxpayers. >> the mayor kicked off the fifth annual chicago gourmet weekend with a toast to the thousands of people who will be at the we'll showcase of
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chicago's culinary community. >> vice president biden accused politicians of being hypocrites when it comes to balancing the budget. he said the republicans had a big role in driving up the national debt. the vice president campaigned in a heavily republican county in southwest florida. while the president took a break from the campaign trail. biden also turned his attention to candidate paul ryan. he criticized ryan for rejecting bipartisan plans that would have reduced the deficit. >> and the republican vice presidential candidate was in new hampshire and ohio today. reaching out to those swing state voters. ryan told the crowd in new hampshire that they had an enormous opportunity to help his ticket win in november. new hampshire was the state where romney kicked off his presidential bid last june. he also came back and kicked off his general election candidacy there. right now, mr.
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obama is leading polls in new hampshire and all the other swing states. >> how many stars would you have given today? >> how many will you give me? >> four possible. >> four stars. >> there you go. >> all right. things are changing though. jim ramsey will join us.
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>> we would like another but we're not going to get it. bob: you may not realize how good a day this was. having an 80 degree temperature today. 79. how about that for a high temperature. that's about 10 degrees above normal for this date. not much to show you on the time lapse camera. it looks like a gorgeous postcard. we had blue skies most of the day. that helped the temperature to move up rather dramatically. wind have been breezy but they are beginning to die down. our high temperature again today 79 degrees. would you believe it? but we're probably going to see a little drop tomorrow. something on the order of about 10 or 12 degrees. say 65 to 66 degrees is about the best we can hope for. look at this. winds out of the north currently at five miles per hour. humidity at 81% and the barometric pressure is actually steady at the moment. temperatures all over the area it's a very very cool night out there.
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readings in the 50s at most locations. notice, our wind gust forecast doesn't show much for the chicago area but strong winds are expected both south and west of us. so eventually we'll get into some fairly brisk weather conditions. now cool air. notice it's hanging around and in fact, reinforced on sunday. take a look at this. this is quite an outbreak of cold. it expected next weekend. in fact by this time next week. we may not get out of the 40's. at the moment we'll call for a high of 51. most spots less than 10 miles per hour at the moment. >> the radar picture, big action down along the gulf coast. there are flood watches and warnings in effect in some of these areas. notice the rains in the carolinas. a number of hail reports there. and down in florida a rather messy evening with showers and thunderstorms. i mentioned some flood watches. these are flash flood watches in


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